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Sectors That Will Do Well This Year
by Alan Lavine/Gail Liberman

What sectors of the stock market should do well this year? A report by Edwin D. Everett, of David L. Babson & Co., Boston highlights some of the best and worst business sectors. You can buy individual stocks in a sector such as banks or invest in a sector fund which invests in a large number of stocks in a specific industry. But sector investing is risky because you are not diversified. More

Heard On The Board

WIth interest rates so low, Lynn asks a common question: "I am ready to retire. Have upper six- figures to invest for income. I have no debt. What are my best options for safety and highest return?"  More

Betting On High-Yield Bond Funds
by Alan Lavine/Gail Liberman

High-yield bonds could outperform other types of bonds this year, according to Pax World High-Yield Bond Fund Manager Diane Keefe. More

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Aussie Brokers Expect Drops

Australian mortgage brokers are expecting significant drops in what has been a relatively safe market. Following a 6% fall in the Australian dollar, Aussie mortgage brokers say this could soon be reflected in the the housing market, with banks ready to raise interest rates over the next few months

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